Opening Hours

Monday to Friday   1:00 - 5:00 PM


  • Books, magazines and catalogues can be consulted at the ESMOD Berlin library during the opening hours
  • Students cannot borrow any books, magazines or catalogues; these are at the student’s disposal to be consulted only in the library
  • It is not possible to copy, but ESMOD Berlin offers the chance to scan for free the needed material (please bring your own USB stick to save the files)
  • Students are obliged to handle the books with care and to refrain from marking and writing on the media. The students are therefore liable for damages and loss of media.
  • In the case of loss or damage of media the student must cover the repair or replacement costs.


From the computers at your disposal at the ESMOD Berlin library you can have access to the huge content offered by Berg Fashion Library (Oxford University Press):

  • Full text of the 10-volume Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion
  • Thousands of images, over 65 fashion e-books and additional reference works
  • Lesson plans