The future of German fashion design – Brands4friends and ESMOD Berlin discuss with experts from the fashion sector


How will the future of fashion design in Germany look like? With what means can young designers best assisted? These and more topics were discussed by experts in the fashion sector, including Silvia Kadolsky (founder and CEO of ESMOD) and Stefan Wenzel (CEO brands4friends/Senior Director eBay Fashion) as well as Tim Labenda (Fashion Designer), Susan Stone (Women’s Wear Daily), Jutta Ohms (Headhunterin and member of the Fashion Council Germany) and Edda Mann (owner Konk Store, Berlin) in ESMOD Berlin’s magnificent auditorium.


To what aspects should young designer pay attention when establishing their label? Silvia Kadolsky constantly follows the developments of the ESMOD Alumni with curiosity. From experience she says: “First of all they require a good story, to emphasize their individuality, second a marketing strategy and last, one has to look beyond the own horizon and work on oneself.” Coming from a commercial background, Edda Mann added: “Important for the success are style, the own design-signature and an appropriate platform to reach the target audience.”


The round table took place in the context the successful initiative “we support young designers”, established by online-shopping club brands4friends, aiming to assist talented newcomers making their first steps towards a promising fashion career. Designer Tim Labenda is their latest member and just launched an exclusive, 8 pieces women’s wear collection for brands4friends. For more information click here.