PRESS RELEASE – Sustainable sculpture marks summer semester begin

(c) Tadashi Kawabata, Museumsinsel Hombroich

ESMOD Berlin announces “Mikado” - a Sustainable sculpture performance/installation from 3rd April – 7th April 2017, to welcome the start of the Summer Semester for 1st semester M.A –Sustainability in Fashion students & 4th Semester B.A in Fashion Design students. The entire process will be open to the public.

The gardens of ESMOD Berlin will become an artistic project in sustainability, aptly reflecting the cutting-edge status of our Masters Programme. Over the course of the week, three spatial sculptures made from 300 borrowed roof battens will be built from scratch by 50 students. Each sculpture will be constructed from 100 roof battens, each batten measuring 4.5 meters in length and temporarily on loan from Ed. Züblin AG Berlin. The building process will start on Tuesday 4th April at 10 am, continuing through the week and celebrated with a presentation and closing party on Friday 7th April from 3 pm.

The sculptures were originally a project from 1st semester students of the Wismar architecture University under the direction of Prof. Tobias Mißfeldt and Prof. Valentin Rothmaler. In the tradition of architecture studies the project was given as an impromptu orientation project. The conditions being: ‘the sculpture had to be spatial and occupy the place with it’s body. The wood was not allowed to be sawed, glued, or damaged by nails or screws. The idea of sustainability was the motto: The sculptures were meant to be temporary and the wood was to be returned quasi untouched’.

The same conditions will apply to the rebuilding at ESMOD Berlin. On Monday 10th April -the only remains will be the cable ties used for assembly. These will naturally be recycled making the entire project a closed circle exercise in sustainability. Art meets fashion meets sustainability.

Quick Facts
What: Sustainable sculptural installation
When: April 3– 7, 2017
Opening: April 3, 2017 at 10am
Finissage: April 7, 2017
 from 3pm
Where: ESMOD Berlin, Görlitzer Str. 51, 10997 Berlin
Collaboration Partner: Prof. Gerd Jäger, be architects Berlin

photos: students works 2014